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Our services will provide you with one-on-one, personal attention by a Certified Public Accountant that will be convenient and stress free. You can trust our expertise in handling your complex tax situations.

On-Site Services

We are available to drive out to your location to provide our services, if you are located in the greater Los Angeles Area. Don’t deal with old-school accounting firm policies and experience what true convenience feels like.

Available Beyond Regular Hours

Unlike brick-and-mortar accounting firms, we can be available beyond regular business hours to take care of your needs with the power of virtual technology. By working remotely, we can help you out anytime, anywhere.

Big Picture Approach

By allowing us to be your accountant, we review your overall situation to provide you with the recommendations that make most sense for what you are looking for. We are not a one-and-done service; we strive to have all your accounting needs taken care of.

Big or Small, We Serve All

We serve all clients, from individuals to large companies. We are experienced in serving clients in the following industries: real estate, professional services, medical services, entertainment, manufacturing, and more.

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Bornazyan & Bornazyan was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. They took care of my income tax return filing. After explaining the documents they needed to complete the filing, they took the time to go over the whole return with me to make sure I understood. Bornazyan & Bornazyan made their service easy and convenient. I was able to send everything electronically and they setup a zoom call with me! I am so happy with their services and will definitely contract Bornazyan & Bornazyan for my tax and accounting needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to them. I highly recommend these amazing accountants!
Garen K.
Between juggling full time jobs, a sole proprietorship and daily life investments/expenses, as a married couple it became overwhelming when it came to tax season. We cannot stress enough just how thankful we are for Bornazyan & Bornazyan. Both of you helped guide us so that we could better keep track of our taxes and file our information properly to yield the best benefits! There was so much we did not know when filing our own taxes. I’m certain, before I found your firm, I lost out on hundreds to thousands when filing myself. With your guidance and knowledge, filing this year will be a breeze. Thank you again for your hard work and for always going the extra mile with us!
Sarkis G. & Kristina G.
The last thing I wanted to worry about was the taxes I owed the government. With Bornazyan & Bornazyan’s help, I was able to rely on a CPA to take care of it for me. I am so relieved I hired them as my accountants since I didn’t have to file my taxes alone.
Ani A.
The service at Bornazyan & Bornazyan is so good! They went above and beyond and helped me. I never left my home to conduct business with them but they were able to handle everything I needed better than my previous accountant!
Gary H.
My experience with Bornazyan & Bornazyan was wonderful! They were able to drive out to my home to pickup documents and provide an in-depth explanation of the services they were going to perform. They helped me with my tax situation, and I was able to file my taxes without any hassle!
David A. & Anna A.
Khajag and the team at BBankCPA were very helpful with my tax situation. I highly recommend them to anybody who needs to resolve problems with the IRS. The quality of service they provided and the results they produced were top-tier!
Michael S.
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