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Tax Preparation Services

Tax season can be an unpredictable and stressful time for many people if they try to do the preparation alone. Let us handle your tax filing needs so you spare yourself the worry and stress that comes with trying to understand the complex tax code to prepare your returns. We will help you organize your important documents, prepare your return, review the return with you, E-File the return, and provide tracking information of your refund/payment of tax. We make sure to take advantage of all appropriate tax law to make sure you pay only the tax you owe, nothing more. You will be working with licensed CPA’s that will be there with you from start to finish, which will give you peace of mind to know that someone with the appropriate expertise will take care of your needs.

We prepare tax returns for individuals with all schedules included and all types of business entities including C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Limited Liability Entities (LLC, LLP, LP), Partnerships, and Not for Profit Entities. We will make sure you file all the necessary forms during tax filing to make sure you comply with the Internal Revenue Code, and do a quick review of your books and provide any adjustments we may see to get them ready for tax filing. If you are looking for full bookkeeping services to take that worry off your shoulders, feel free to check out our Bookkeeping Services page.

Tax Planning and Projections

Are you wondering what your tax situation will be in the upcoming filing season? Do you want to plan and not be surprised by your tax bill every year? Our tax planning services can help you with that. By utilizing our tax planning services throughout the year, you will have a predictable outcome during tax filing by avoiding paying excess tax and penalties. We make sure to take advantage of all appropriate tax laws to configure a strategy that will maximize your tax benefits and avoid headaches during filing season. By utilizing our tax planning services, you will be aware of approximately how much your tax bill or refund will be before the year is over, giving you enough time to organize your finances accordingly.

IRS and FTB Representation

We are happy to provide IRS and FTB representation included with our tax services. If you have outstanding notices that need to be resolved or have an unpaid tax bill, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. By allowing us to do your tax filing, you will greatly minimize the risk of having these notices sent to you that usually arise from irresponsible tax preparers. You can trust our expertise to make sure your tax notices are resolved and avoid them in the future.

Bookkeeping Services

Are you looking to track your finances on a timely basis to make sure you are achieving your financial goals? Do you need to keep track of your profitability by checking accurate records of historical performance? Are you looking to take a huge burden off your shoulders as a business owner and make your day-to-day life much easier? Would you like to have a Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor manage and assist you with your bookkeeping needs?

If you answered yes to these questions, then contact us today to discuss the Bookkeeping Services we provide! Our extensive experience in the bookkeeping world and licensed CPA’s will make sure your financial records are accurate, timely, and provide necessary information to allow you to keep track of and make well informed decisions for your business. By utilizing QuickBooks Online, we will be able to connect both business owner and our Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor and CPA to one account and have live reviews of your business financials. We decide on a time frame that works for you to have your books up to date. We will help you setup your books, provide accurate bookkeeping on a timely basis, provide adjustments throughout the year as they arise, and have financial statements ready for tax filing.  If you already have an existing bookkeeper, we also provide bookkeeping consultation. Take a huge burden off your shoulders and let us handle your bookkeeping needs.

CARES Act Program Assistance

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for many of us. In an effort to provide assistance during these challenging times, Congress passed the CARES Act that includes many beneficial programs for small businesses. One of the most significant and lucrative programs, called the Employee Retention Tax Credit, assists small business employers with their salary and wages paid by providing a credit for affected quarters in the 2020 and 2021 tax years. The credit amount can be substantial for small business owners, calculating at a maximum of 50% of qualified wages per employee for the year in 2020 and 70% of qualified wages per employee, per quarter, in 2021.  We are happy to assist you with determining qualification, calculating the credit amount, and filing it with the appropriate authorities. We pay attention to all the intricate details regarding the program to make sure we follow the appropriate regulations to maximize your credit. Best of all, you may retroactively claim this credit for past 2020 and 2021 quarters starting today.

Firm to Firm Contracts

Many accounting firms get overwhelmed during tax season with the amount of clients they try to serve, leading to extreme overtime hours, overworked staff, and an overall stressful experience. We work with accounting firms to offload some of their work via a contract basis, making sure confidentiality and professionalism is maintained between the parties involved. Our remote services will provide accounting firms with minimal overhead costs to onboard us. Best of all, you retain your clients by maintaining your engagements under your firm’s name. If you are looking to minimize your workload but still retain your clients, our contract solution will provide you with an excellent option to keep everyone happy.

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