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Sarkis Bornazyan has been in the public accounting world since 2015. He has dealt with a vast array of clients, ranging from the most complicated business entities to the regular individual employed by a local small business. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine in Business Economics and was ready to specialize in the accounting world; he continued his education by obtaining an accounting certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension program. During this time, he also began pursuing CPA licensure, and in 2017 was officially licensed by the California Board of Accountancy as a Certified Public Accountant. From here on, Sarkis was able to provide clients with the excellent service he had always strived for but also the expertise and reliability he had gained with his hard work and accomplishments. Throughout his career, Sarkis assisted clients from many different industries such as entertainment, professional services, manufacturing, healthcare, savvy real estate and stock market investors, and many more. Clients ranging from high-net-worth individuals to the ordinary working family trust Sarkis’s expertise. Throughout his career, Sarkis realized many areas that accountants can do better for their clients; he eventually decided that by opening his own firm, he can make a difference and make the changes deemed necessary to take care of his clients. In 2021, Bornazyan and Bornazyan, LLP was formed with his brother, Khajag Bornazyan, to provide the public with an accounting experience they would be sure to appreciate and look forward to.
Sarkis Bornazyan
Partner & Co-Founder Bornazyan & Bornazyan, LLP
Khajag Bornazyan followed his older brother’s example and entered the accounting world as soon as he was able to start working independently. At 18, he was hired as an intern and began helping clients with their bookkeeping and basic tax needs. Realizing how much he enjoyed providing clients with these services, Khajag began studying accounting and graduated from the California State University, Northridge (CSUN). After graduating, he began pursuing licensure, and in 2021 was officially licensed by the California Board of Accountancy as a CPA. Making sure to understand the client’s needs is Khajag’s specialty; he has been assisting the community with his expertise since his days at CSUN by being a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) volunteer. By working with the low-income community, Khajag fully understands the needs of hard-working families and is ready to aid them with their tax and accounting needs. Throughout his career, Khajag has worked with a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from local small business owners, to large manufacturing companies located across the country. Beyond this, but not limited to, Khajag has assisted real estate investors, professional service providers, and regular working individuals. His expertise is in day-to-day accounting services clients require, such as bookkeeping, complex tax services, as well as more intricate issues such as tax planning and tricky IRS tax credits. Working together with Sarkis at previous firms, both Khajag and Sarkis realized that they can do better and provide the changes they felt were missing in the accounting world today, and in 2021 established Bornazyan and Bornazyan LLP to make their dream a reality.
Khajag Bornazyan
Partner & Co-Founder Bornazyan & Bornazyan, LLP